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How To Prepare For Mars

So you want to go to Mars? Well, my first question to you is “WHY!?” Followed by “Are you out of your mind?”. I can picture Bugs Bunny asking these questions…

But seriously, scientist are working on this topic of how to prepare for Mars exploration. Its not for another Hollywood movie, but for real. So who is NASA consulting on this topic? Air Force? No. Army? No. Navy? Yes. Then who in the Navy? SEALS? No. Its the Silent Service, the U.S. Submarine Force. The Navy’s best and elite!

Why would NASA go underwater to prepare for exploration miles and miles and miles above the surface? Because underwater has similar features as being in outer space. And who is better to consult about having several adults with no commonality (besides dealing with some sanity issue(s)) subjected to an isolated environment for a set period of time and having to get along with each other. You are probably thinking, I can’t get a long with my siblings and we are not in any isolated environment, that’s impossible. Not so. the Navy has been doing that with Submarine crews for over 115 years.

Therefore, to read the story on what NASA is doing.  To read the rest of the story, cut and paste this link to your web browser:–NASA-Submarines/id-f9717838f4d949e798737a02eda8f1ae

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