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The USNSCC – Columbus Squadron is based at the Naval Operations Support Center (NOSC). The NOSC is located on the Rickenbacker Air National Guard base, which is located south of Interstate I-270 on Alum Creek Drive, south of Columbus, Ohio.

Normally, training is the first weekend of each month and is conducted at the NOSC.  Through various resources, leaders conduct a variety of training experiences.  The cadets participate in academic development, learning about the sea services as well as participate in physical fitness.  One of our purposes is to expose cadets to a military environment, with an emphasis on the Navy, regarding uniform issue and maintenance; military bearing, customs and courtesies; naval history; and basic seamanship to name a few.   Most of our drill sessions are held at the NOSC, however, off-site drills can be scheduled regarding marksmanship, high ropes courses, PRT and swim qualification, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects such as Cyber-Patriot and Sea Perch, an underwater robot project, and various other training opportunities.

The program is neither a recruiting tool nor a guarantee for entry into the military.  For those interested in military service and who qualify and pursue that option, the program can provide enlistment at a higher pay grade (rank) and / or assist with entering an ROTC program or military service academy.  The USNSCC is ADA compliant, however that criterion does not apply to the actual military.

Browse our website for more information about USNSCC – Columbus Squadron. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a USNSCC – Columbus Squadron representative, please e-mail us at Columbus Squadron.

Thank you for your interest in the Sea Cadets!

Very Respectfully,

LTjg Mike Milenovic
Commanding Officer
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